The New Work of Master PsychoSpiritual Energy Healer, Ascending Life Guide & 5D Consciousness and Spirituality Teacher Jason Taylor Morgan

As 'sponsors' of the new Aquarian Age of spiritually independent thought and individuality, The Illumination Masters is a collective of Ascended Beings and High-frequency Guides who pool their energies and light into The Fifteen Frequencies of Illumination.

*Whether a new journeyer of Advanced Consciousness and Spirituality, a seasoned 5D Consciousness Explorer or an established Spiritual or Energy Professional - as long as you are energy sensitive with natural gifts - this work is for you.*  


Jason Taylor Morgan

Like fifteen perfect notes in the vibrational scale of 5D spirituality and consciousness, THE FREQUENCIES OF ILLUMINATION by Jason Taylor Morgan are a vibrational universe of PsychoSpiritual healing, learning, growth, and mastery. Each FREQUENCY is an essential piece of the puzzle for your energetic awareness, ascending life, spiritual emancipation and strong elevation in multidimensional consciousness.

jason taylor morgan
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Drawing on energies from the Masters and from the intersecting planes of 5D consciousness, 5D mind, 5D emotions, 5D spirituality, 5D energetics, you can work on any struggle, issue, need, desire or goal. You can learn about the energetics and alchemy of each Frequency. For each is universal, spiritually and consciously unique and timeless. 

This illuminating work will assist you in ... resolving and releasing your past. Healing your emotional wounds. Elevating your 5D Consciousness. Liberating your spirituality. Elevating your Emotional Consciousness. Awakening who you are and what you came here to do. And move you forward on a new and luminous life path.

Not a channeled experience, this work is spontaneous, interactive and personalized session-to-session program work of great beauty and stunning transformation. You can focus on inner work and outer work to bring your whole being into balance and gradual elevation. 

This work is for the next wave of visionary people seeking more evolved and more dimensional consciousness, spirituality and energetics who want to advance under their own powers of free will, discovery and knowingness.

Known as the healer for healers and teacher for teachers, Jason is honored to introduce such gently powerful transformational work with The Illumination Masters and to offer The Fifteen Frequencies of Illumination to the world at this volatile yet propitious time in human history.

By phone, Skype, transmission or in-person, Jason offers private work and group work - and conducts workshops and master courses throughout the country.





There are 15 types of Frequencies presented in this work, with limitless opportunities for exploration, experience and growth in each Frequency. They are categorized in five groups.

  1. The Lucid FrequenciesClarity, Harmony, Vision and Truth.Jason Taylor Morgan
  2. The Mind/Emotion FrequenciesAwareness, Freedom and Flow.
  3. The Inner FrequenciesPrecision, Potential/ Intention and Purpose.
  4. The Creation FrequencyManifesting.
  5. The Transcendent FrequenciesTransparency, Knowingness, Elevation and Illumination.

Each Frequency represents a quality of consciousness that you will gain as you explore them. Consciousness that will both enhance your inner experiences and change your outer life as well. These Frequencies teach you how to raise the sharpness and clarity of your mind. Celebrate and enhance your confidence, independence and growth. Find your truth, your purpose. Increase your radiance. Learn each Frequency's alchemy to Manifest with energy and light. Evolve to a higher-frequency being. In addition to multidimensional and advanced consciousness experiences, many are very practical and useful skills.

With acute understanding and mastery of high-frequency energetics, Jason will take you on sometimes gentle and sometimes powerful energy journeys into the infinite possibilities of each Frequency. You will experience and learn their unique energetic qualities. Thereby, shifting your own.

In daily living, you can focus on any aspect of your life and self you wish to Heal, Shift and Evolve right up to learning to work with Ascended beings, 

  • Begin deep emotional healing
  • Clear and release the past
  • Remove blocks, mental programs, become unafraid, unstuck 
  • Realign or release relationships
  • Shift your life's dynamics, career path, life plans
  • Center yourself healthily and dynamically in the present
  • Begin to move forward with flow and confidence
  • Call great things into your life 
  • Explore the beauty and emancipation of 5D Spirituality, 5Mind, 5D Consciousness. 5D Emotions, 5D Energetics 
  • Access the Ascended Planes and create your own relationships with the Masters and High Guides 
  • Learn the energetics and alchemy of each Frequency
  • Bring your illumination into every aspect of your life.



Jason Taylor Morgan1. CLARITY

See into the essence of anything: people, situations, emotions, wounds, spirituality, relationships, the future. View your life and choices clear-mindedly. Disempower low thoughts and low emotions. Have more expansive, complete, creative, intuitive, and flowing ideas. Gain more understanding about the nature and causes of situations in your life. Experience states of knowingness that go beyond the mind. Clarity reveals the Truth.



Learn these warm and flowing Frequencies to harmonize with all life in the Universe. Bring your life into alignment and agreement with its and your truth, your peacefulness, your goodness and your caring. Balance soul-to-soul, heart-to-heart with others to increase the connection between you. Birth new, higher, more peaceful and loving circumstances and relationships. Sense the connectedness between the many elements in your life and integrate them into a more harmonious whole.



Learn how to “see” into the world around you, into the flows of your life and the lives of others. Into the future and how it will unfold. Align your mind, intuition, instincts, and knowingness to see into situations, experiences, outcomes. Learn to see with your Inner Eye, your Third Eye and “set energy” so situations in your life come about in higher, more harmonious, open, and expansive ways. Stay in a higher flow. Release resistance to growth, get out of lower energy states more rapidly.  



The center energy of every Frequency, Truth is the heart and core of both the spiritual and consciousness journey for evolving humans and the heart and core of one's being and one's life. Truth is both inescapable and rarely found. It is the great constant of consciousness to which humanity strives to align with their integrity, their beliefs, their actions, their behavior.  To find one's truth is to find one's pure soul and pure mind and can take a lifetime. To lose it only takes a moment. One's truth is one's deepest and most difficult vulnerability, while it is one's purity and genuineness. THE Truth is the never-changing vibration at the center of all creation to which we try to attune ourselves. In this work, TRUTH is the ultimate goal.   


Jason Taylor Morgan5. AWARENESS

Learn how to heighten your recognition of all life, where your perceptions, observations, and knowingness align and you are in a sharp, clear mind. Awareness is knowing the truth in things and noticing both the subtleties and bigger picture elements. Awareness is feeling and ‘just knowing.’ Your mind and intuition become clear and fertile. Your consciousness expands and you sense and recognize all it contains.



In this work and in all of Jason's work, it is all about healing and emancipation from wounds of the past, emotional and mental turmoil. Emancipation from living the ideas and demands of others so you can live a rich, self-directed life. Learn to release beliefs, mental programs, familial, societal, religious pressure. Feelings of insecurity, lack. unfairness. Release drama. Hold no expectations and attach no strings to anything or anyone. Stay mentally clear and flowing. Reexplore your spirituality with your free will and your open mind and find your own spiritual reality. Stop comparing and judging yourself. See your life as an adventure not an obligation. Explore and live your Truth, freely.



Creating Flow … When you lighten the key earthly elements of your life and release the old patterns, the stuck feelings, the inertia, the impediments, entanglements, the negative dynamics. And bring your consciousness and mind to much higher awareness so you can feel the flow of the universe, and the flow of your life. Learn the energetics of surrendering to your highest good. Experience life's synchronicities and your life's intended paths. You feel The Flow in every fiber of your being. You do not resist it, you trust it, become adept at guiding it. Your journey takes you to where your Devine plan and your life's trajectory is destined to go. Trust the Flow to align you with the situations and circumstances that are the high points of your ever-unfolding life. 



Explore how to feel and send the precise amount of light and energy to people, things, situations, your environment, and into your physical body, emotions, and mind that will create the most agreement with your spirit and soul and your life's ascending path and higher purpose. And how to receive the precise amounts of light for your progress and growth.  




Jason Taylor Morgan 9. POTENTIAL/INTENTION

Learn to understand and explore the rich and powerful energetic relationship between Potential - showing the capacity to become or develop into something fulfilling and successful - and Intention - a mental state that represents a commitment to carrying out an action or actions.  By working with the Frequencies of Potential, you can shift and transform areas of limitation and lack to higher vibrations and flow your Intention out into your life, the world, the universe. You create the new blueprint of your life. The Frequencies of Intention direct your Potential for your highest good and success. 



Explore your life purpose, your reason for being alive. Learn to invite flows of high-frequency Knowingness and Truth to make clear who you really are and what you are here to do. Recognize and increase (or decrease) the energetics of fate and destiny that are in (or are not in) alignment with your vision into your purpose. Release any low energies that slow you down. Unfold in your higher potential. Find those choices, decisions, and paths that create your highest future. Learn the Purpose Frequency energetics to get a higher vision of what is possible for you to accomplish and create in this lifetime.



Solidify your connection to life, to all levels of your being, to the blueprint of humanity, and to your own aliveness. There is no resistance, forcing, or pushing to doing those things that align with your higher purpose. Learning the Frequencies of Manifesting, synchronicity happens. You are in the right place at the right time. You are magnetic to your higher good. You learn to work with Flow and Intention. Good things and good people flow into your life. Take an evolutionary leap into a powerful way of creating the life you want.


Jason Taylor Morgan12. TRANSPARENCY

Learn to become transparent to all lesser energies within you and around you so your mind and emotions stay clear and your soul and spirit can illuminate through more brightly. Allow the thoughts and energy of those who disagree and criticize to travel right through your frequencies, not attaching to your mind and emotions. You can be yourself. Live your Truth passionately, respectfully. Move beyond thinking and interpreting, and just peacefully “be” with the energy around you and experience a deeper knowing and peace than ever before.



Knowingness is just that … knowing things and feeling things and predicting things that come from outside your sphere knowledge. It is a "gift", just like intuition or being psychic. It is when your higher mind rises to higher frequencies and connects to the higher dimensions that hold the plan for humanity. You tap into those dimensions and frequencies and in essence raise your Awareness to new levels that raise your intelligence and the scope of your mind. Learn ways to "just know," to trust it, to follow it, and to allow it to become a guiding force in your life. Your Knowingness can show you the way through the many choices and decisions you face daily. It, also, guides you to know things beyond your ordinary intelligence to higher levels of perception, creativity, and consciousness. It leads you to be in the right place at the right time. To see into the future and know how things will turn out. Experience states of pure Knowingness as your consciousness crosses into 5D.



The process of a rising consciousness, sensitivity to and mastery of high-frequency energetics, traveling to the higher spiritual planes, rising to 5D Emotional Consciousness and rising toward becoming a being of light here on earth. As your inner brilliance increases, those relationships, objects, activities, and situations that cannot hold this level of illumination drop away, and beautiful things are drawn to your light. Experience an infinity of love, flow and abundance. As you rise, people and life rises to higher frequencies all around you.


Jason Taylor Morgan15. ILLUMINATION

Everything in your life begins to create and carry high vibrations of light. You know who you are. You know what you are to do, and you are doing it. You affect the vibrations of everyone and everything around you. What you do with this Illumination is your calling and your honor. 




For a no-charge Compatibility Consultation ... this is not a 'free session' but a pleasant conversation to discuss your needs, wants and desires and taking the magnificent journey with THE ILLUMINATION MASTERS ... please feel free to send us an email.