Program and Session Work



Sessions with Jason are magnificent energetic journeys into the core vibrational energies and attributes of each Frequency. Highly experiential … you will feel the energies, the shifts, the flows, the inner and outer journeys throughout your body, your mind, your consciousness, even your brain, and heart.

  • Most likely you will leave everyday consciousness and go where Jason takes you depending on your needs, desires, and goals on almost any subject and circumstance you wish to work on in your Self or in your Life. The experience and each successive experience will elevate and attune you to the Frequencies and their vibrations. The work will stay with you. You can build upon what you feel, what has changed, how you want to live your life energetically and vibrationally, spiritually and consciously. 
  • Jason is very gifted at knowing where to take you. What kind of experience suits you at that moment, and for the long-term. How to shift and change the wounds in your emotions, your mind, your heart. How to shift and change the fears, the disappointment, the inertia, the confusion. How to empower you to cut the cords with the past. How to lay the energetic framework in countless empowering ways for the future.
  • We can conduct a session to work on one major, life-compromising issue. You can work with Jason on a multi-session program to completely shift and change your self and your life’s trajectories spiritually, consciously, energetically, emotionally. You can learn the energy alchemy of each Frequency, and learn your own frequency’s energy alchemy to manifest an ascending life.

Jason does not channel. He works free form and spontaneously with his own energic prowess amid the light and vibrations of the Masters. 

You can let go of all limiting and enculturated beliefs and mental programs so you are open and free to discover your own truth in your own life’s spirituality and consciousness. Listen to your own instincts, wisdom, and knowingness. Begin an ever-evolving journey to who you are multidimensionally and what you are here to do. 

And you can learn to work with the Ascended Masters, Ascended Beings and High Guides yourself. For the more advanced spiritual and consciousness pioneers among us, and for people just now realizing there is more to spirituality and energetics than modalities and metaphysics … this work is magnificent … and Universal.



Jason feels work this beautiful and profound should open its arms to a wider range of people. He has dropped his pricing to where it stood five years ago.

We offer 1, 3, 5, 9, 12 and 15-session programs. You can discuss your session desires and payment options with Jason directly.

One session: $125. Three sessions: $370. Five sessions: $595 ($119 per session.) Nine sessions: $1,016 ($112 per session). Twelve Sessions: $1,321 ($110 per session.) Fifteen sessions: $1,721 ($114 per session.)

We scale the pricing: the more sessions the greater the discount.

We offer payment schedules and occasional scholarships.