Artist for all three paintings: Darius Michael George. Click on the graphics.

The Shifts of Consciousness coming to our planet over the last 50 years and becoming more intensified over the last ten has not only affected our capacity to reach and live in higher of states of consciousness, our ability to carry more light, our ability to use high-frequency energetics, and our ability to reach to higher planes and dimensions, they have given us new ways to experience the higher planes and higher dimensions and the beings and guides that exist in those higher realities.

Over the last several decades now, working with Ascended Beings and Guides meant channeling. Usually by a person in harmony with the Masters, with acute energy and dimensional sensitives. A kind of spokesperson for bringing forth the nonphysical being’s or group of beings’ wisdom, lessons, teachings. The channeler gave way and allowed the being to speak through them to an audience of spiritual folks eager to hear another piece of the spiritual elevation and human evolution puzzle.ascended masters

With the dimming of the Piscean Age and people needing “higher authorities”, both human and spiritual, to instruct them what to believe, how to live, who to be, and the illumination of the Aquarian Age emancipating forward-thinking and energetically astute people to explore and seek answers themselves and to live their lives according to their own powers of discernment, from within their own truth and with their own sense of karma and destiny, working with Ascended Master, Ascended Beings and High Guides no longer require channeling.

Such is the case with THE ILLUMINATION MASTERS. Jason does not channel them. He works with them as the human member of the team. The Team is a collective of Ascended Beings and High Guides who pool their energies as the framework of this work. Jason, for whatever reason the Masters chose him, uses his own energetic, dimensional and spiritual prowess to create spontaneous, interactive, personalized energy experiences that focus on whatever issue, need, desire or goal a client or student desires.

ascended mastersThe framework is THE FIFTEEN FREQUENCIES OF ILLUMINATION. Each is a vibrational universe of the most powerful and sublime evolutionary energy for those people ready to break free and become solo, unimpeded consciousness travelers. Rising beyond the sameness of the collective consciousness to explore new levels of personalized consciousness, and multidimensional consciousness suited for extraordinary individuals.

The Illumination Masters themselves? They have been explicit in their desire to keep the collective a collective, without citing members individually. “This experience is all about the purity of the energies and the infinite learning in the Frequencies and disengaging a human being’s over-active imagination from becoming entangled and distracted by the characterizations of its members.”

Each Frequency is the creation of different groups of Ascended Masters, Ascended Beings and Guides. They created each to give you an optimum experience in that Frequency’s qualities and attributes. The more Frequencies you explore and experience the more you learn to carry each and shift with the whole.

Worth noting, the three Ascended Beings pictured brought this work to Jason and stand by him.  

As your first goal into this work, we wish for you: