With clients and students worldwide, healer, teacher, mystic Jason Morgan is and has been a leader in discovering new ways to integrate the energies of spirituality, consciousness, science, healing, and multidimensionality to help humanity heal and evolve to new levels of grounded, high-frequency human life.  He has worked with many hundreds of people individually worldwide. And reaches many more through social media, seminars, workshops, speaking engagements, and synchronistic encounters.

He is the creator of multiple multidimensional evolutionary energy systems new to the earth, including StarPoint Energetics™, Quantum ReVisioning™, Inner Dimensional Dynamics, Ascending Life Alignment, Deep Core Emotional Trauma Healing, The Universal Human, Zero-Frequency Consciousness.

And now in 2019, he has stepped away from all of his previous work to create and introduce THE ILLUMINATION MASTERS … and The Fifteen Frequencies of Illumination. This is his most beautiful and stunningly transformational work to date.

Jason Morgan spent five years, 2010 - 2015, on an epic spiritual and personal discovery journey driving throughout America. 20,000 miles. Hundreds of motels. 42 states. One full year roaming and living in an RV. Long stays in Sedona and Lake Havasu AZ, Mount Shasta and Los Angeles CA, Santa Fe and Taos NM, Bucks County PA and the Shenandoah Valley VA. A relentless creator, along the way he conducted workshops and seminars coast-to-coast. And wrote an account of his travels in a semi-autobiographical novel, “O’Rourke The Medicine Man.“ (You can find all five of Jason’s novels - Jason Taylor Morgan - on Amazon, B&N, and all online book retailers.)

Born in Boston MA, earlier in his life he was a 25-year senior marketing agency executive and agency president, marketing strategist and advisor to the senior management of companies in the technology industry. He was also a counselor for at-risk and emotionally challenged children. As a young man living in London and Paris, he was a freelance writer, editor of children’s books and college visiting lecturer at Harrow College of Art and Technology.  He is a working novelist, parent of two glorious, brilliant and beautiful red-haired adult daughters, and insatiable explorer and traveler … on the ground and elsewhere. Jason lives in Northern California.