For Consciously & Spiritually Advanced People



“Evolution is a steadily unfolding process: releasing and shifting simpler forms of reality to create new and more elegant and expansive reality.”

multidimensional healing

Jason's work is entirely experiential.  It is dynamic, powerful and beautifully transformational.  You experience profound changes, receive multidimensional healing, learn 5-D energetics, reach states of clarity and flow, become energetically empowered to change your life on every level.  Every session is a spontaneous and unique work of energetic art. You will Heal, Shift and Evolve on fast forward!  

He offers energy work and programs for inspired spiritually and consciously evolving people who know they are meant to go much higher than New Age teachings and modalities.  And achieve greater spiritual and dimensional awareness.  Deeper multidimensional healing and freedom.  Stronger energy proficiencies.  And meaningful purpose, mission, and fulfillment in this lifetime.  And are willing to take exhilarating and glorious quantum leaps into the energetic unknown! By integrating the energies of spirituality, consciousness, science, psychology, and multidimensionality, he offers beautiful pathways to a new and ever-evolving way of human life – shifting out of the limitations of our current dimensional reality, 3-D human life, and rising to the next magnificent level of Multidimensional Healing & 5-D Advanced Human Evolution. CLICK HERE to contact Jason.

Created to be flexible and ultimately self-empowering:   

multidimensional healing

  • HEAL the past (Multidimensional Healing.)
  • RISE beyond the beliefs, obsessive metaphysics, spiritual co-dependency and programmed thought of much of New Age Spirituality.
  • EMBRACE embrace freedom, free will, independent thought.
  • FIND the heart, soul, mind, and power of your Truth.
  • MAKE new positive and empowering changes within.
  • MAKE deep and profound changes in your life's dynamics and relationships.
  • STEP into your self-empowered, self-healing, self-evolving 5D Self.
  • EXPLORE 5D: the 5D (360) Human Brain and the multidimensional human experience.
  • TAKE a Quantum Leap spiritually, consciously, mentally, emotionally, energetically. 
  • RISE to your ever-evolving strong and graceful future!

New Quantum Consciousness strives to provide evolving people with support and empowerment and a highly advanced 5D energetic path to Deep Core Multidimensional Healing, Deep Truth, Core Self, an Ascending Life, 5D Consciousness and the Universal Sacred so you can rise to who you truly are, as evolving, fearless, vital human ... as leaders, as teachers, as healers. Be Extraordinary!


Jason Taylor Morgan's spiritual and energy professional roots come from his pioneering work as master energy healer for people who experienced life-altering emotional trauma.  From there, he began to explore energy, human emotions, the human brain.  He set his sights higher and explored new ways to work with energy, new ways to heal and transform lives. 

He began to work with highly evolved nonphysical guides.  And explore the energies of the Universe and stars and dimensions.  He discovered beautifully advanced ways to shift the human experience and begin the 5-D evolutionary process of the human brain, mind, emotions, senses, imagination.  And new ways to help people explore energetics, spirituality, consciousness, 3rd Eye and multidimensionality 

He is interested in the energies and consciousness of humanity in the future, energies from interstellar sources, and brings them back to the present.  A gifted energy alchemist, he created several beautifully transformational energy systems that, progressively, provide a powerful evolutionary path for people who want to spiritually, consciously, emotionally and energetically evolve to 5-D with these evolutionary times.