quantum ConsciousnessEvolution is a process. Jason's New Quantum Consciousness™ work is multi-session. You can choose a 3, 5, 11, 19 or 21-session program. You are free to use your instincts to choose the number of sessions that are right for you.

Your path through the Seven Levels? You have discussed your goals, needs and desires with Jason. Week to week, you can go systematically through each Level. You can choose any Level and explore it. You can work with Jason free form. Jason will guide you every step of the way. He is master at knowing exactly where to direct your sessions toward your ultimate goals. Each Level is a vast and vital area of 5D Human Evolution. 

This work, New Quantum Consciousness  is not a reading. It is dynamic and entirely experiential.  It is all about the energies.  It is all about ‘feeling ‘ energy in your body, your mind, your energy awareness, your consciousness.  You learn to work with and evolve with the energies in new and powerful ways.  Every session is a spontaneous and unique work of evolutionary energetic art.

You experience it by phone or domestic or international Skype. Each session averages 60 - 90 minutes.  Sessions are typically weekly. You will have your regular day and time. Paypal or credit card are preferred.




Level 1

The Deep Core Healing (Emotions/Mind/Inner Truth) Journey

QUANTUM CONSCIOUSNESSYou want to heal the painful emotional past and all of its compromising feelings and behavior.  You want to feel good about yourself.  You want to release the pain, frustration and fear.  You want reclaim your sense of having the right to exist.  Rebuild your Self-Worth.  And change your life in beautiful and empowering ways.  You want to find your Deep Truth, your Real Self.  You want to experience 5-D Emotional Consciousness where your inner emotional world balances and flows beautifully with your daily life.  This work has three levels:  1. Deep Emotional Trauma/Childhood Abuse Healing2.  Smoothing Out Your Life’s Rough Emotional Edges.  3. Rising into the Expanse of 5-D Emotional Consciousness. World-class energy healing work, and although the process can be challenging, you will soon … flourish!  MORE HERE...


Level 2

The Ascending Life Journey

Even after years of healing and inner and outer work, you are still feeling emotionally unbalanced, blocked, constrained, frustrated, and confused about whom you are as a spiritual and conscious being on this planet.  You want to find the Core of your True Self.  You want to find your purpose, your mission.  You want to transform your past to a clear and emotionally and spiritually healthy present.  You want to leave the past behind and take the best of you and your life forward.  You are willing to make dramatic changes and rise into a self-empowered and ever evolving future.  A cornerstone of Jason’s work, Ascending Life, in workshops and in private work, has helped many hundreds of people shift the past and flow beautifully into a balanced present, with an exciting future.  MORE HERE...


Level 3

The Spiritual Free Will Journey

You begin with Jason as a person seeking so much more than religion and New Age spirituality and its masters, teachings, rules and control.  You want to explore The Sacred and Spirituality yourself, and create powerful and magnificent relationships with Ascended Masters, Guides, Ascended Beings, Angels, the Spirit Realm. The Sacred Feminine, the Sacred Masculine.  You may want to learn how to work with Sacred Energetics professionally.  This work has two levels.  1. Personal Direct Sacred-Spiritual Connections.  2. Working with the Sacred Professionally.  Spirituality in 2018 is a Brave New World of direct Sacred Connections!  


Level 4

The Energy Alchemy Journey

You know you have, perhaps powerful, energetic and spiritual abilities.  But you do not know how to develop, nurture and express them.  You do not know how to use them in your daily life.  You do not know what you are supposed to do with them.  You do not know your purpose or mission.  Whether you are to become a spiritual and energetic professional?  Or, if you are already an energetically gifted professional, you want to bring your abilities to higher and more transformational levels for your clients and students.  You want to create your own signature professional energy work or systems.  This work has three levels:  1. Understanding and Beginning to Work with your Energy Abilities.  2. Stepping Into Your Energetic Power.  3. 5-D Energy Alchemy for Energy Professionals.  Learn the secrets and power of 5-D Energy Alchemy!  MORE HERE...    


Level 5

The 5-D Brain Journey


You want to explore the power, mysteries and full potential of the 5-D Human Brain.  Jason has created three beautiful and powerful energy systems – NeuroFrequency Brain Healing, StarPoint Energetics and Source Energetics - that work to evolve the brain on biochemical levels, energetic levels, physical levels abstract levels and evolutionary levels.  Through all of his energetic and consciousness explorations, Jason knows that developing a 5-D human brain is not just the key to all future human mind expansion but also consciousness, spirituality, energetics and multidimensionality.  You will love the experience of rising into your 5-D Brain!  In addition to being pioneering and exhilarating work for the human future, Jason has used this work to improve the quality of life for people suffering chronic depression, biochemical imbalances, and Asperger’s Syndrome!


Level 6


You want to push the boundaries of 3-D human life and jump start your process of evolving to 5-D human reality.  This work will bring to 5-D levels the functions, abilities and proficiencies of your evolving brain, mind, emotions, senses, imagination, body, energetics, spirituality, consciousness, 3rd Eye and multidimensionality.  Unique and ground-breaking work, Jason introduced 5-D Evolution in his 2012 and 2013 Workshops and in his private work to stunning results in people’s rise to new heights of multidimensional reality.  Highly innovative and exploratory, and  Jason’s most accessible advanced work for most people, you begin to become a future 5-D human being, now!


Level 7

The Universal Being Journey/Star Traveler

This is Jason’s most evolved and multidimensional work.  Created for the most adventurous of energetic human beings among us.  It will take you into the higher dimensions, the expanse of the infinite Universe, to interstellar planetary systems.  You will learn to explore existence with your 5-D awareness, consciousness, mind, senses and multidimensionality.  Not just as astral travelers, you are a human traveler to futuristic places and amazing energies humanity is just now opening to.  You experience Universal Being/Star Traveler is for the chosen few - a journey through the mysteries, portals, realities and energies of the physical and nonphysical Universe!