Policies & Disclaimers



Please only proceed in contacting us if you feel comfortable with what is written below. We have never had a problem with our clients and students. But we want you to be very clear in making your decision to work with us. Thank you… 

This work is not a licensed professional medical or psychiatric discipline. New Quantum Conscious is not designed or intended or offered to be a substitution for professional medical or psychological clinical services.

Success in this work, achieving Energy Mastery, fully healing PsychoSpiritually are wholly contingent upon one’s potential and capacities. While our results with clients and students are exceedingly positive, we do not guarantee anything other than our sincere and total effort.

We assume responsibility for this work but not liability. Before you do any work with us, you must acknowledge that we offer it with the best of intentions and in full integrity and that you fully accept responsibility for your experience. You must be self-governing and bring any disagreeable emotional, psychological, physical or spiritual responses to our immediate attention.

  • On rare occasions, it is possible for the intensity of this energy work to interact negatively with persons with bipolarity and other psychiatric cycling conditions. This work is not intended to help clinical mental illness.
  • Decisions and choices you make in your life while and after doing this work are your responsibility.
  • We reserve the right to accept or decline any prospective client or student. All prospective clients or students will be evaluated to establish eligibility and compatibility.
  • For crisis, Jason is available by phone 24/7 for clients and students. He encourages regular and comfortable email correspondence with all students and clients.
  • Sessions are not defined by fixed lengths of time. 45 minutes – multiple hours, they go for as long as they need to go.
  • Jason is exceedingly flexible with rescheduling and asks you to be the same.

The backbone of our work is integrity and ethics, no drama and mutual respect. We expect this from all students and clients.

Paypal is the preferred payment method. Payment plans are available.

*This is serious professional work. It is not free and we do not accept services in trade.  CLICK HERE to go back to the Contact page.