The POWER Session


Not a reading, this is deep, dynamic, experiential energy work squarely focused on creating ANSWERS, INSIGHTS and NEW STARTING POINTS to JUMP-START PROFOUND SELF AND LIFE SHIFTS AND CHANGES.

The POWER Session is meant to be a starting point - a decisive stake in the ground. Think how removing one deep wound ... or one inner obstacle ... or realizing one painful truth ... or seeing finally a clear view of your Self that can lead to deep insight, deep understanding, becoming unstuck, deep healing, flowing into a new opening.

The POWER SESSION is a 60 - 120-minute experience of great depth and intensity conducted by phone or Skype that will address just about anything that will help you to find that one elusive life-shifting truth. 

You can take that first giant step right here.  Then, if you would like to continue your evolutionary work with Jason, you will do so on a dynamic flow of truth and momentum. We promise you — that although this work is not for the faint of heart, it is for the deep and pure of heart.

Please feel free to contact Jason directly.