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Thank you for your interest in my work. 

After ten years working as an advanced spirituality and consciousness teacher, healer and mystic with people worldwide, and creating numerous advanced energy systems new to the earth, I realized I had taken this phase of my work as far as it and I could go. The energies and magic were diminishing. No new clients and students were finding me after years of averaging twelve to twenty sessions a week.  

I was worn down. 2018, approaching my 64th year on the planet, was a year of medical, emotional and spiritual challenges. I took six months off from energy work and moved cross-country back to Northern California.   

In 2010, when I started to work with energy, consciousness, frequencies, and dimensions, Ascended Beings helped me create my original work - Quantum ReVisioning with the Quantum Guides. Now, in January 2019, on the evening of the first day of the new year, my home suddenly became illuminated with presences, as it did in 2010. This time, it was a collective of Ascended Masters, Ascended Beings and High Guides. Once again, they asked me to create new energy work using their wisdom and light and my energy abilities, mind, instincts, and imagination.

In two days, THE ILLUMINATION MASTERS AND THE THIRTEEN FREQUENCIES OF ILLUMINATION work came to life. I released my former work, New Quantum Consciousness, and redesigned my website. I asked ten former students and spiritual friends, all advanced spiritually and consciously, from four countries, to experience a session at no charge so I could test-drive it. The reviews were wonderful and positive. “Superb and gently powerful” was a common response. I like that: superb and gently powerful paths to 5D spiritual and consciousness transformation.   

Refreshed and renewed, on this day of my 64th birthday, I offer my new work as my contribution to help humanity shift and evolve in this crucial moment in Earth’s and Humanity’s history.  My work can be profound and self and life-changing in evolutionary ways. I am honored to present it and honored to be the bearer of the light and frequencies of THE ILLUMINATION MASTERS.

And it would be my great pleasure to work with you!

Sending magnificent flows...

JTM / January 9, 2019