What They Are Saying…

"Jason Taylor Morgan is one of the Universe's energetic gifts to humanity. His work is breath-taking."

— Laura Langston, Los Angeles, CA
Energy Healer

"I have worked with many energy healers over the years, but none as creative and powerful as Jason."

Philadelphia, PA

"I have worked with Jason on and off for years - whenever I need an emotional, spiritual and life overhaul and elevation. His emotional consciousness work is so much more advanced than anything else I have ever seen."

— Kathleen Lawson
London, England

"It is difficult for me to say this. I was so close to doing something very harmful to myself after years of depression. Jason worked with me and stood by me for months. I am happy to say my life is working again and I am ... happy ... and doing well. Thank you, Jason!"

— Grace Elizabeth Fineman
Santa Fe, NM

"Working with Jason has been one of the most thrilling and productive spiritual experiences of my life."

— Lise Laurant 
Paris, France

"I know Jason does not like to use testimonials. He believes the work should stand on its own. However, Jason's Ascending Life Workshop I attended in New York was beyond anything I could have imaged. He took thirty people to brand new levels of advanced spirituality and 5D emotional consciousness. Amazing!"

— Jane Santos
New York, NY

"It is hard to say exactly what Jason does. He uses energy so profoundly and zeros in on exactly what I need to heal, shift, change or learn - in every session. I have come so far!"

— Cari Jean Holden 
Sedona, AZ

"I had a dream all my life to use my 'unusual sensitivities' in constructive and beautiful ways. A year ago, I knew I could be an energy healer professionally. Jason took me on as a student. Six months later, here I am getting started with my practice. He is so generous with his teaching. He opened up areas of ability I never knew I had. Thank you, Jason, my dear friend!"

— Christine Heinz
Toronto, Canada

"Don't overthink it. If you feel the connection, work with Jason and Robyn. Your life will change!"

— Robert J. Kane
Boulder, CO

"I was in dark times indeed. Together, we turned my life around. After so much deep and sometimes painful emotional healing work, Jason taught me how to be me. The real me. I am so grateful."

— Laura Newton
Santa Cruz, CA

"Jason works with emotionally traumatized women so beautifully. His integrity is impeccable. His gentleness is powerful. His encouragement and support is unconditional. I have called him at 3 a.m. and he calls me back. He has stuck by me for a long time."

— Andrea Coombs Lally
Hartford, CT 

"I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. It took two years of working with Jason to heal the awful darkness, the fear, the depression. But I have turned the corner and now I am rebuilding my life. Jason's loyalty is truly a gift."

— Helene Van Ness
Mount Shasta, CA 

"Living a 5D Life. What an amazing reality. Jason is masterful in how he guides you to become the most evolved version of your Self."

— Charles De Mornay
Portland, OR 

"One of the great differences between Jason's spiritual work and others, he keeps things grounded. He stresses the importance of, even though we're evolving to 5D, 'staying human'. Staying in the world. Relating to everyday human life - as well as being a 5D being. Not becoming spiritually obsessive and co-dependent. It's a great model."

— John Henry Gregson
Omaha, NB

"I worked with Jason to heal and shift one big emotional issue at a time. I made so much forward progress in our work together."

— Laurel Singleton
Montreal, Canada

"I have been through it all: advanced spirituality, consciousness and sacred realms workshops and seminars. What they teach you informationally Jason teachers you experientially."

— Martine Gicci
Cherry Hill, NJ

"For a man to work so deeply with women's emotions and the dynamics of our private lives, it requires an enormous amount of trust and comfort. Jason is so totally committed to his work and to my well being and growth. Working with him is constantly discovering new things about me and how the energetic universe works."

— Senora Johnson
Cambridge, MA

"I first worked with Jason in 2011, again in 2012 just before and after The Shift, and now again in 2017. He is as innovative and ground-breaking now with 5D as he was then. Every session is a new step into a new aspect of 5D human evolution. My energy work with my clients is always moving up. Getting stronger."

— Elenor Williams
Lilydale, NY

"Jason's message is so simple yet so profound ... 5D human evolution is all about the deeply healed, empowered, independent and ever-evolving self ... not becoming part of the carbon copy New Age collective consciousness."

— Angela Doran
Birmingham, England

"Once or twice in our lives, we all need someone special to step in to help us find our way through what seems like impenetrable darkness. Jason did that for me. He is a wonderful man. A great healer and life coach."

— Dorie Sinclair
Dallas, TX

"A bad marriage. A horrible breakup and divorce. An angry, vindictive man. Working with Jason helped me tremendously to take stock of myself and my life and find my strength. I am doing well now and not taking crap or abuse from men. I am happy."

— Lacy Marie Pendleton 
Atlanta, GA